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What is an Architect? What do they do?

November 25, 2014

Within the architecture community, sometimes we get so caught up in our projects and deadlines that we are thrown off when someone asks the simple question:

What is an Architect?

In the field of design, it can be difficult to know where one profession ends and another begins, not to mention who is responsible for which aspect of a project, or who has the proper licensing and qualifications to fully meet your needs.

In the realm of architecture in the United States, we have a national organization called the American Institute of Architects, or ‘AIA’ for short.


AIA helps write the ethical code and licensing requirements that all individuals must meet before they can earn the title of ‘Architect’. Not all architects need to be affiliated with AIA to practice, however, the architects who are affiliated with AIA must meet a high level of industry standard, which helps to maintain reliability with those architects on many levels.

AIA has realized that our role as Architect can be confusing, and have therefore released the following short film to help explain. Click below to watch the video, or click here to view a PDF version.

We, at Fletemeyer & Lee, are proud to be affiliated with AIA. If you have any other questions about what an architect does or what we specifically can do for you, please contact us through our website, here, or leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you and help you navigate through the sea of architectural and design jargon.

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