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November 19, 2014

Around the Office…
recent events:
-business as usual
upcoming events:

-FLA will be participating in the CCCA National Convention in Orlando during December 1-3. Our team will be leading two seminars and participating in the exhibit hall. Find information about the conference here. Are you attending too? We’d love to chat! Contact us here.


Technology of the Month: Glass Garage Doors 

 What is it?

While more of a design implement rather than a technology, glass garage doors can create inexpensive, operative solutions for large openings. The concept of the ‘glass garage door’ is to remove what are normally opaque panels on the door itself, and replace them with glass. This will leave a skeleton infilled with glass panels. These doors operate similarly to residential garage doors. They’re becoming more popular as manufacturers begin producing “off the shelf” options that already have glass panels installed with effective, industry standard sealing treatments.

DSCN3419 crop


Why should I use it?

Your camp or conference center’s setting is one of its most valuable assets. Many guests choose to retreat to areas in nature to experiences God’s Creation firsthand; so why hide it behind walls and small windows? These glass garage doors create a large frame to display the natural beauty around you.

Are Glass Garage Doors economically viable?

smith homestead03

Yes, and as the number of manufacturers increase, they become even more affordable. Compared to the cost of the equivalent area of a commercial fixed window system, the garage doors are about 25% less expensive. We at FLA have found the fixed window systems to be expensive and generally beyond most camps’ budgets, but highly recommend the garage door alternative as a way to seamlessly integrate God’s creation with interior spaces. By creating an aesthetic transition between the outdoors and indoors, the value of your camp or conference’s beautiful outdoor setting improves drastically.

Are Glass Garage Doors appropriate for any camp?

Yes, with limitations. We have successfully specified them in dining halls, recreation buildings and multipurpose buildings. When open, the doors can have the effect of making a building feel more like an open air pavilion, when closed they can still offer gorgeous views while shielding guests from the elements. These doors have proven popular and help enhance our ability to minister to our guests in context. However, to create this seamless transition, we do not specify large screens for these openings. If insects are a major issue for your camp or conference center, you may be limited to a more conventional window or door treatment.


Where can I find out more information?



Overhead Doors

Staff Spotlight: No-shave November

FLA headshots-22

Meet Dave Lee.

Dave stands as our fearless leader as our principle architect. He’s a great presence to have around the office– upbeat, positive and always ready to provide help to clients and coworkers. During the week Dave is hard at work at the office, exemplifying what it means to be a leader, husband and father. Outside the office he can be found attending church services and events, taking care of his new chocolate lab, Hobbes, or doing something fun with his wife Maggie. As anyone who has met Dave can attest, it’s hard to find a bad thing to say about him. Dave also happens to be the owner of the most glorious mustache in the office, as seen below:


Complete with turtle waxed ends, we offer this photo as an homage to the American Cancer Society’s “No-Shave November” event.

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