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September 22, 2014

Around the Office…
recent events:
– as seen in our last blog post here, in-house architect Tom Zimmerman successfully rappelled off a building in downtown Denver to raise money for ‘Over the Edge’, an event put on by the Cancer League of Colorado. Thanks for supporting the fight against cancer, Tom!
-Architectural intern, Cat, has cut back on her hours to return to her final year of architecture school at CU Denver. We wish her well in her studies and are excited to see the progress she makes throughout the semester.

upcoming events:

-October 4: Niwot hosts Oktoberfest! Come enjoy live music, free admission and small town merriment.
-October 9-11: AIA Colorado hosts their annual Practice + Design Conference in Keystone, Colorado



Technology of the Month: Grey Water Reuse

 What is it?

Grey water is what drains from your sinks, showers, baths, and washing machines as compared to “black water” that comes from toilets and urinals. It is reused for flushing toilets, and in some cases for landscape irrigation. According to residential industry statistics, grey water reuse can yield about a 35-40% savings in water consumption, and, in turn, in waste water production. The systems work through the drain system of the showers, baths and perhaps sinks and laundry. The water is piped to a storage tank and filtration system; from there it is piped to supply the water to the toilets for flushing. The black water of the toilets is then connected to your waste water treatment system or drained to the community sewer system.

grey water reuse copy


Why should I use it?

Grey Water Reuse is considered a “green” technology. By utilizing it, users can be a positive role model and good neighbor in regions where water resources are scarce, decrease the size or volume of expensive waste water treatment systems and/or provide less strain on older septic systems, have more water available for landscape irrigation and ground water recharge, and offer first-hand education to guests on effective stewardship of God’s creation.


Is reuse of grey water safe?

Yes, if its use is limited to toilet flushing and proper landscape irrigation. With millions of users in the U.S. there have not been any documented cases of grey water-transmitted illness.  


Is Grey Water Reuse appropriate for any camp?

No,  the cost of the additional piping, pumps, filters and maintenance can exceed the savings or have a long payback period. The most appropriate camp application of grey water reuse is where the supply of water is limited or the treatment of waste water is limited; in those cases, it can mean the difference between having enough water for your guests, or the number of guests you can accommodate!


Where can I find out more information?

oasis design



Staff Spotlight: The Student


Meet Cat Heard.

She is entering her final year of undergraduate architecture school at University of Colorado Denver. Growing up in a suburb of Washington DC, Cat moved to Colorado 3 years ago for school, and has been a part of Fletemeyer & Lee Associates for just over a year. Her sense of humor and positive attitude (and excellent barista skills) help keep the office upbeat and caffeinated. Cat can usually be found at school, work or at a number of volunteering events and conferences. Most recently she competed in the Denver CANstruction exhibit competition held at the Colorado History Museum, and is looking forward to representing the firm at the AIA Colorado Practice + Design Conference in Keystone, Colorado this October. While she might be busy with school during the fall and spring, we appreciate seeing her around the office on a part-time basis.

photo 1 (1)  IMG_6816  photo 2 (1)



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