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Summer Happenings

July 9, 2014

Around the Office…
recent events:
– Bryon, part of our planning and landscape design team, officially left bachelorhood behind on June 7! Many well wishes to the newlyweds!
upcoming events:
July 12: Tom, longtime architect and friend of FLA, is planning to jump off a building the second week of July. He is participating in the Cancer League of Colorado’s Over the Edge event. July 12 he, along with 100 other folks, will be rappelling off a 30-odd story building in downtown Denver, Click here for more information.
Mid-July: Powder Keg Brewing Company will be hosting their opening later this month, right in downtown Niwot. Check out their website here for up to date information on their progress.
August 3: Ramah in the Rockies hosts their grand opening on August 3rd! Use this as a great opportunity to get into the mountains and hang out with some of the FLA staff! Be on the lookout for a more detailed post on the Ramah project towards the end of July.



Technology of the Month: Ground Source Heat Pumps

 What is it?

Also known as ‘geoexchange’, ‘earth-energy pumps’ or earth-coupled pumps’, ground source heat pumps, at their most basic, are an alternative, environmentally friendly way to heat and cool a building. The way they work is by running water through a series of tubes underground (or at the bottom of a body of water) at a certain depth, where the water is heated/cooled to the earth’s temperature, then running it back to the building for heating or cooling purposes. This creates a very efficient system due to the stability of core earth temperatures, which remain at about 50°-60° F year round.

ground source heat pump - cool

Why should I use it?

Ground Source Heat Pumps are efficient in time, money, and environmental stewardship. GeoExchange explains the benefits as saving energy and money on electric bills, cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions, ridding your property of unsightly outdoor equipment, drastically reducing the cost of hot water, and reducing maintenance costs. While these systems can cost a little more up front, the long term cost benefits are tremendous: these systems last up to 25 years and drastically cut down on electric and water heating bills. The diagrams above and below help explain how these systems work from a heating a cooling perspective. Additional cost benefits can be found if these systems are installed near a body of water.

ground source heat pump - heat

Where can I find out more information?

ground source heat pumps –
International Ground Source Heat Pump Association’s Website
There are many articles on ground source heat pumps. Please click on one of the links above or get in touch with us to see how we can help you benefit from a ground source heat pump system!



Staff Spotlight: The FLA’er who walked across the country

Meet Josh James.

He’s a quiet guy with a passion for health, fitness, and architectural quality and design. Originally from North Carolina, he brings a love of southern food and the great outdoors. You’d never guess that he’s trekked nearly all the way across the country. Starting in early spring 2007, Josh walked about 4,000 miles (and biked about 1,000 miles) across the American Discovery Trail from the east coast to the west. Stopping a little over half-way in Colorado for the winter, he finished up his trip in 2008. He’s a great personality to have around the office, with valuable perspective that can only be gained by travelling the country by foot. When Josh puts his mind to something, he certainly goes the distance to achieve it.

ADT7     ADT9




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